Tuesday, January 10, 2006

License to go Nee-Naw Nee-Naw

Whilst perusing other blogs I noticed that on his 18th, December 2005 Blog non-mice (see second link in side-bar) mentioned the subject of all Police officers being unable to pursue suspects in vehicles whilst using the flashing lights and sirens.

Metropolis Constabulary has long had a policy of dictating that successful applicants must have a full UK driving lisence prior to being sworn in. Upon completion of initial training they are then posted to a station whereupon they will never sit in the driver's seat of a Police vehicle for at least the next two years- this increases to anything like 7 years should you work in a city division. This being the minimum time that will pass before you are deigned to be allowed to attend a fortnight driving course. Only upon satisfactory completion of this are you allowed to drive a Polis car. This policy has meant that while there are fewer Police drivers available at any given time they are all capable of undertaking a pursuit should the requirement present itself... which it quite often does, funnily enough!

The problem now though is that with the ever increasing demands on recruiting new officers to fill posts vacated by the outflux of retirees the situation on the ground is that there are no where near enough drivers on each shift- sometimes a shift of maybe six to ten cops may have only one or two Police drivers. To address this growing forcewide problem cops are being told that when they have done 18 months of their probation they areto sit a half day assessment drive. If their driving is up to a reasonable standard then they are allowed to drive pandas without lights or sirens and without breaking any speed limits or failing to obey traffic signs/signals until such time they go on a full drive course.

All of this means that the problem of having too few drivers is circumvented however we are now sat in a similar position to that of officers in English forces who can find themselves in a quandry such as the following scenario:

You have 18 months service, have completed your driving assessment and find yourself behind the wheel of a panda. You work in a rural area where you are the only vehicle not engaged in a call. You see a stolen vehicle which was identified to you during your briefing- the driver of said vehicle drives off at speed.

What do you do? Adhere to the policy and allow the car thief to make good his escape or attempt to keep observations in a chase for which you haven't yet been trained or authorised to undertake?

Time will tell how this policy will pan out but I don't think it will be long before someone finds themselves at the wrong end of a diciplinary charge for making the decision to, heaven forbid, try to catch a baddie.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

if the gaffers in my force (excuse me while i clear my throat) had spent the tuition time on training POLICE officers to drive to the system, rather than cadets, there wouldn't be the shortage of drivers on the shifts.

When the cadets were re-introduced the hierarchy decided to put them through a driving course to get them a licence so they could then join the police.

It then followed that there weren't as many spaces for the cops to take up on courses......another fan-TASTIC idea by people who forgot what it was like to write in a notebook.

*blush*....sorry the first comment posted on your blog is a moan....hope all goes well with it.... :-)

7:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

well done mate... nice to get a Scottish view. What force?

9:05 PM  
Blogger A non mouse said...

Seems Scottish police policy differs from mine.

In my force, we also have the drivers who have sat a brief 'assessment drive', and they are allowed to drive the police cars without lights and sirens.

We then have the guys who have sat a three week driving course. They can drive the low powered pandas with lights and sirens to jobs for which they are deemed necessary, but they are not allowed to pursue vehicle. These courses take approximately 2-3 years to get a hold of.

We finally have the advanced drivers who sit a further five week course. They are then allowed to drive the high powered vehicles, and pursue vehicles.

5:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In this position myself will be sitting driving course shortly (not the real one the half day course). Nightshift, 2 cars on, ur out with non driver, assistance call from other car, remember to keep to the speed limits, obey light signals and never touch the blues n twos, whilst ur colleagues take a bleaching. Only the polis gaffers!

12:19 PM  
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