Saturday, February 11, 2006

Wet Weekends

Hi. Well I have updated the blog with the links that everyone requested-I even checked to see if they worked and everything!!! What in the Police is not called 'Quality Assurance' which if you are playing 'Buzzword Bingo' is always a good one. It basically means that someone can get away from the big bad world and sit inside drinking tea and criticising paperwork submitted by others! Sounds great eh!? Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, that's right- I just wanted to thank you for adding links to my Blog as it seems to be geting more hits, which is nice. I will try adn update it a bit more regularly now but it's hard finding the time. This is my one weekend off this month adn as per usual it's bloody raining so i've no excuse not to up date this today. Last week was a cracker really- It was one of contrasts which reminded me of why I enjoy the job.... most of the time! One day I was spent almost exxlusively indoors attempting to get my head around a new electronic ID parade system that's being implemented (A few years behind all you down southers) and the very next day driving about like a madman (I'm alowed I have been on all the necessary courses) on the hunt for a with a a gun! Such fun! Anyway, I am off now to enjoy my Saturday afternoon with a spot of sport and a night on the tiles. Cheerie pip.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Quickie request

Just a quick one tonight- If anyone reads this Blog and has one of their own they would lie me to add a link to then just email me or leave a comment. Likewise I would be very appreciative if you would put a link to this one from yours..... I hope that made sense? Anyway- it's been a long week and I am working again tomorrow. Nighty night folks.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Today I have been mostly... sitting about doing hee-haw

I had quite a lot of time to think about what to blog tonight, and there is a reason for that. I was cited for court today and of course I dutifully turned up bang on the time it stated on my citation; So I dragged my weary bones out of bed and sat in the witness room as I waited for the wheels of justice to turn. The wheels of justice in Metropolis are particularly rusty ones that haven't been oiled in quite sometime though, it would seem. So up until lunchtime I sat without the case being called. Lunchtime came and went (soup) and so into the afternoon, still sitting on my ever numbing arse was I. The afternoon fairly whizzed by as I read the 5 year old magazines provided by the court to pass the time. And so it came to 5pm and I was informed that the case had been adjourned. Oh deep joy I thought. What a complete and utter waste of a day- not just for me but also for the other half dozen witnesses who will have had to book time off work to attend the great watching paint dry competition that is wating to give evidence. If only this was an isolated or infrequent case.... imagine all of the man/woman hours that operational officers spend sitting about in witness rooms needlesly throughout courts in Scotland. And this is a short time after the revolution in the court system that was the Bonhomie recommendations. Anyway, at least it gave me something to moan about!!!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Priority Payment Scam

Well it's coming around to that time of year where the lucky few are looking forward to a bumper pay packet amounting to somewhere in the region of an extra £900.00 after tax courtesy of the Priority Payment Scheme while others look on scratching their chins as to why they aren't benifitting from this re-disrtibution of wealth from the central coffers. To the uninitiated this scheme, which is now in it's third year, is an annual payment which is handed to officers who fulfill certain roles. Everybody knows which roles attract the payment and which don't. Now apart from the obvious devisive nature of paying people who are doing similar jobs different amounts of money it has had another damaging impact... Do you think core shift workers who make up the bulk of the force and bear an increasingly heavy workload attract this payment? No of course they don't, unless they have some sort of specialisation but have rotated back to a shift. No most of the posts that attract the payment are outwith the shifts thus giving folk the insentive to leave the shifts increasingly understrength and with less service on them. Thankfully this would appear to be the final year of the scheme in it's current form. And this is from somone who actually has 'benifited' from the extra money.