Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Priority Payment Scam

Well it's coming around to that time of year where the lucky few are looking forward to a bumper pay packet amounting to somewhere in the region of an extra £900.00 after tax courtesy of the Priority Payment Scheme while others look on scratching their chins as to why they aren't benifitting from this re-disrtibution of wealth from the central coffers. To the uninitiated this scheme, which is now in it's third year, is an annual payment which is handed to officers who fulfill certain roles. Everybody knows which roles attract the payment and which don't. Now apart from the obvious devisive nature of paying people who are doing similar jobs different amounts of money it has had another damaging impact... Do you think core shift workers who make up the bulk of the force and bear an increasingly heavy workload attract this payment? No of course they don't, unless they have some sort of specialisation but have rotated back to a shift. No most of the posts that attract the payment are outwith the shifts thus giving folk the insentive to leave the shifts increasingly understrength and with less service on them. Thankfully this would appear to be the final year of the scheme in it's current form. And this is from somone who actually has 'benifited' from the extra money.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

the priority payment is obviously great if you receive it, but if there was no other way to avoid it, it should have been given to the core shifts.

these are after all continually suffering from a drain of manpower, with people heading off to departments, of their own choice in most cases.

there does not appear to be any incentive to stay in the shifts, which are as we all know, the backbone of the force.

take away the departments, and the job of policing would carry on....take away the shifts and the poverbial would soon hit the fan.

5:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is there a set amount of years an officer has to do before they get this payment??

8:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank feck this is all over. I have worked in a Department for the three relevant years. Never saw a penny. So wherever you are, wherever you serve, this scheme was guaranteed to be divisive - and given that the full payment was = to about a month's pay, not an insubstantial amount of dosh, I feel justifiably demoralised by my employer's attitude and lack of recognition for my professionalism in a recognised stressful post.

Now the payments move to those in posts fulfilling roles linked to Force Strategies. If I understand BOSSSPEAK properly, then I should have my application in fortwith for the first politically driven post advertised in the hope of some cash!

2:33 AM  
Blogger The Defective Constable said...

No there is no lower service limit to earning the payment. If you were, for example a Probationar who happened to be fired straight into a post which attracts the payment you will get it for the period of time during that finaincial year you are in that post.

1:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not sure these payments have definitely come to an end yet - the initial three-year trial period is coming to an end, but my force is still holding out the carrot of a possible payment this year - depending on the outcome of the review which is to be carried out (probably written three years ago and lying in a desk somewhere if it's anything like the majority of "reviews" in the job).

My force created a Leading Constable post from tutors, people who act-up and the like which is fine in principle. These lead cons (never a truer word) get the payment which I think was about £1700 last year.

A fair number of the lead cons are people who also undertake other duties (which are subject to even more annual payments) and which usually mean lots of training courses and other jollies along with regular abstractions from the shift. The result: they're hardly ever there to do the work they get the SPP for, and some gullible beat cop (usually with three or four years service and an inability to say "no") gets left do do the tutoring without the benefit of the payments.

The fact that many of the lead cons are people who never showed any interest in tutoring etc when it wasn't a paid responsibility is going to make things interesting should the SPPs come to an end. I suspect there will be a high percentage who come up with feeble excuses as to why they're no longer available for these posts.

The local federation have agreed that the payments are divisive, but true to form have proved impotent or incompetent in doing anything about them.

Sorry if I sound jaded and cynical but . . . I'm a cop!

9:54 AM  
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Blogger thinblueline said...

Yet us substantive constables on a TDC scheme do not as yet are not "qualified" in the role of detective.

No wonder no one wants to join cid.

8:28 AM  
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